First Review
The first major review has been posted for "Event Horizon"
Check it out at Sea of Tranquility.

Elysium Theory releases "Event Horizon"

Elysium Theory's second full-length cd entitled "Event Horizon" is now available. The release marks the culmination of a two year effort following the band's debut "Modern Alchemy." The album sees the band exploring concepts familiar to ET fans...religion, science, prophecy, and extra terrestrials!  All while expanding its storytelling into a unique, yet unified conceptual piece. Featured is the seventeen minute epic, "The Cask" based on the Edgar Alan Poe short story.

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Elysium Theory
Welcomes Pierre-Alain Davide

Elysium Theory is proud to announce its collaboration with French digital artist/illustrator & web designer Pierre-Alain D., of 3mmi Design.  Pierre has developed a distinct and varied aesthetic, including the dark and intense visions often seen in his album art. In addition to photo-manipulation, his work includes photography, webdesign, programming, music and video.  Click the link to the right to see more examples of Pierre's stunning work!



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